FOR DEALERS (from 14.07.2020г)

We invite regional dealers to promote and sell products in the regional b2b and b2c markets.

We are a manufacturer of foldable and demountable containers with the registered I-cube trademark.

We are planning to build a sales system for our products in the form of developing a regional dealer network.

What is the dealer's interest?

— in the sale profit of I-cube containers;

— in the revenue from the delivery service;

— in the revenue from the assembly service.

For the dealer cooperation, we offer:

1. Selling products to a dealer according to the dealer's price list;

2. Providing the dealer with advertising and information materials in electronic form;

3. Creation of a personal regional Internet page for the dealer on the product website * with the placement of information about the dealer, including contact information "where to buy" **

4. Context advertising of dealers personal pages in Yandex and GOOGLE ***

5. Information support about the product with the placement of photo and video materials on the product website.

6. Flexible payment terms ***

We see legal entities for being our dealers:

1.with a positive experience in selling goods at present;

2. with areas for placing exhibition samples of I-cube containers;

3. with storage areas for storing a stock of I-cube containers;

4. those who wish to actively promote I-cube products;

5. with the ability to create additional product value:

- organization of delivery to retail and wholesale customers;

- organization of I-cube containers assembly.


* product website is

** for dealers with a positive I-cube sales history, if necessary

*** for certified dealers.